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Best Chlorella Brands

Best Chlorella Brands

Since there are more than 100 Chlorella brands in the health supplement market, each claiming to do wonders for your health, it becomes imperative to buy the right brand to get clean quality and a reasonable value. The first step in judging the brands is to ask the right questions such as:

  • Which brands of chlorella are reputed? 
  • Powdered or Tablet of chlorella? 
  • Whether the chlorella cell walls are cracked or not? 
  • Is it worth it to go for expensive chlorella brands?

We present you some of the best Chlorella brands which would help you on your journey to an outstanding health.

1. Source Naturals Emerald Garden Organic Chlorella

Established in 1982, Source Naturals is one of the renowned brands which makes 100% organic chlorella supplement. This nutrient-rich vegetarian superfood comes in the form of tablets for easy usage.

Key features

  • Available in form 500mg chlorella
  • Pure organic chlorella
  • Broken cell wall
  • Nutrient-rich superfood
  • Hypoallergenic
  • The dosage per tablet is a bit low

2. Healthforce Nutritionals Chlorella Manna

Chlorella Manna is a highly-rated chlorella supplement popular among fitness conscious individuals. Healthforce’s unique pressure release process uses high pressure to crack the cell wall and micro ionization to improve absorption. The supplement is devoid of any fillers, binders, or preservatives and is thoroughly tested to ensure the absence of contaminants. Healthforce products pass through rigorous testing to ensure quality and purity. This powder form of the product goes well with juices, smoothies, shakes, and also as a salad dressing.

Key features

  • Bright green pure powdered chlorella 
  • Rich in vitamins, protein, and minerals
  • Made from Chlorella Sorokiniana UTEX 1230 and is considered kosher
  • Cracked cell walls using high pressure
  • Non-GMO nutrient-rich superfood 
  • Relatively mild flavor
  • Gluten-free and suitable for vegans
  • Tested for heavy metal and microbial contamination

3. Healthworks Raw Organic Chlorella Powder

Healthworks is an Arizona-based manufacturer that produces some of the best quality dietary supplements. The chlorella powder can be blended with bananas, spinach, kale,  dates, and coconut water for an ultimate delicious green smoothie.

Key features

  • Pure powdered Chlorella Vulgaris
  • USDA-certified organic chlorella product
  • Broken cell wall
  • Rich in vitamins, protein, and minerals
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO
  • The taste may be repelling 

4. Hard Rhino Chlorella

Hard Rhino Chlorella comes in the powdered form and you can add a scoop of it to your morning smoothie to claim the chlorella benefits. The product is free from dairy, soy, egg, shellfish, gluten, artificial additives, and is non-GMO.

Key features

  • Pure powdered Chlorella Pyrenoidosa
  • Broken cell wall
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-GMO
  • Affordable

5. Green Foods Organic Chlorella Powder

Green Foods Organic Chlorella contains a pure powdered form of Chlorella Vulgaris. It is subjected to a special process in order to break the cell walls, so as to increase the bioavailability of nutrients. This organic and non-GMO certified product is devoid of additives, gluten, soy, wheat, and yeast. Green Foods Corporation is a globally known brand that manufactures products that can help people support and improve their health and wellbeing. Although this is a great chlorella supplement, a few points need to be deducted based on the price and availability.

Key features

  • Pure powdered Chlorella Vulgaris
  • Broken cell wall
  • USDA-certified organic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • A little expensive as compared to others

Note: Please use this as information only. This is not medical advice and you must consult your medical practitioner before taking Chlorella for health-related issues.

Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)

Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)

Chlorella is an algae type that is found in freshwater. It is basically used to make medicines as well as supplements for nutrition. From the freshwater, Chlorella is taken, processed, and then made into liquid extracts and tablets. Japan and Taiwan are rich in Chlorella and is exported to the US.

What is Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)?

The liquid extracts have a substance called Chlorella Growth Factor(CGF). It is a unique complex that is seen in the Chlorella cell nucleus. Being a water-soluble extract from Chlorella, CGF has peptide, amino acids, sugars, vitamins, proteins, and nucleic acids.

Based on the chlorella cultivation, the products differ from one another. This means, “the crop” that is used to cultivate, harvest, and process decide the chlorella product type. Chlorella that is made in a dried form has 6-38% carbohydrate, 7-75% fat, and 7-78% protein.

Benefits of Chlorella Growth Factor

CGF helps to provide immune defenses, improves growth, and heals the body. They are beneficial in:

  • Fighting with anemia

Those who have low levels of iron, taking CGF supplements might reduce the risk of anemia.

  • Immune system stimulation

By stimulating the interferon production, T and B lymphocytes are being protected. These T and B cells are the body’s infection controllers thus bringing immunity to fight with the diseases.

  • Anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and purifying

Tue chlorophyll present in the Chlorella is good for the antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and purifying properties.

  • Eliminating liver toxins

CGF has a substance called Glutathione that is capable of binding with heavy metals, pesticides, etc, and converts to a form that is excreted through urine. It also helps to fight with bodily free radicals that help in eliminating the toxins from the liver.

  • Probiotic in nature

CGF is capable of growing bacteria that is good for health thereby maintaining the intestinal flora to its line.

  • Prevents allergies

Those who have allergies can use CGF as it fights against allergies like baseline allergy which is caused by milk.

  • Good for athletes

It’s truly good energy for athletes and so can be used before performing any sports.

  • Repairs tissue

GCF has life activating and healing properties as it heals the damaged tissue with any cell proliferation that usually occurs in malignant tumors. 

  • Fights depression

Taking chlorella extract tablets for 2 months is good for fighting with anxiety and depression.

CGF can be used by: 

  • Senior adults who want to regain energy
  • Teenagers in full growth
  • For better supporting the treatment in patients
  • Patients who need healing easily or need recovery from treatments like chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, etc.

Side Effects of CGF

Chlorella is safe to use for a short term of up to 30 weeks. The common side-effects of using CGF as a supplement are green colored stools, stomach cramping, nausea, diarrhea, gastric issues, allergies, etc. With the usage of chlorella, the skins become sensitive to the sun. So, never forget to use a sunscreen when going outside and when you are under chlorella treatment. 

Many studies show that Chlorella is good for health as a nutritional supplement as it has Chlorella Growth Factor which is good for the body.

Note: This article is a transcribe and should not be considered as medical advice. You must consult a doctor for any health-related issues.

How Does Chlorella Help in Weight Loss

How Does Chlorella Help in Weight Loss

What is Chlorella?

Chlorella is a type of algae. It is rich in various nutrients and supplements that aid in weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. It contains Omega 3, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Iron, and Zinc. But does Chlorella really cause weight loss? Here is why we think it does!

How Does Chlorella Help in Weight Loss?

By Reducing Cholesterol

Studies have found out that taking a few grams of chlorella every day may aid in the loss of cholesterol. It has Vitamin B that lowers cholesterol and it has antioxidants that flush out the toxins in your body and hence giving you better health and aiding in weight loss. 

By Reducing Body Fat

Its timely and regular usage has shown changes in the body. The nutrients in it burn the body fat and lower stubborn fat as well. This helps one in losing weight. 

By Improving Metabolism

One of the main causes of weight gain is slow metabolism. A slow metabolism cannot absorb the nutrients from the food as efficiently and doesn’t breakdown the food fast either. Chlorella helps boost our metabolism and helps in achieving a better metabolism over time. Better metabolism helps in the breakdown of nutrients faster and more efficiently. This helps maintain shape and helps in loss of weight. 

By Boosting Your Energy

Chlorella can help to boost one’s energy to higher levels. Since chlorella boosts metabolism, it results in better energy levels of the individual. One feels fresh and motivated to work and play. We often tend to gain weight, because we don’t have the energy to work out after a tough day. With better energy, you can do your daily work and exercises with more power hence achieving your goals of a fit body and ideal weight. 

By Regulating Your Hormones 

Imbalance of hormones not only cause irregular mood but also irregular weight. Most of us are not able to follow a proper diet due to our other commitments which might cause irregular hormones. But Chlorella regulates the hormones by flushing out the toxins from the food, taking in the nutrients from the food, and with the help of the nutrients in consists of itself. This helps in better moods and a better body.

By Improving Your Lungs

Studies have found that the regular intake of Chlorella improved the lung’s capacity to absorb oxygen. This helps in better oxygen flow. Better breathing during exercises. This further aids in better blood circulation and helps your body function better. When your body functions better, you achieve your goal weight and lifestyle.

Some Possible Side Effects of Chlorella

One must be aware that Chlorella works best when you exercise and maintain a good diet. However, some people might be allergic to Chlorella and some might not adapt to its taste. This might cause side effects if you have any medical conditions or are on other medicines.

Note: This is an informative article about Chlorella and shouldn’t be followed as medical advice. Consult a doctor for health-related issues before taking it.

Best Raw Spirulina – Amazon Reviews

Best Raw Spirulina – Amazon Reviews

Spirulina is one of the best nutritional supplements in the world. It can be found both in salt and freshwater. It is a single called motive which comes under blue-green algae. Consuming spirulina has been found to impart health benefits since it has antioxidants and nutrients. Here we are going to present the best raw spirulina that can be consumed for the ultimate health benefits. We analyze a product namely, BN organic Raw Spirulina Powder that is provided by the website. 

Let’s check why this product is highly recommended and why do customers buy it.

BN Organic Raw Spirulina Powder

Customer rating on 4.6/5 stars

  • This product is a certified organic, rich in nutrition, and comes in a dark blue-green powder. It is loaded with antioxidants, calcium, vitamins, iron, omega-3, etc. These elements are required by the body to impart health benefits. 
  • The taste is similar to seaweed and can be mixed with smoothies, chia pudding, and also with juices and water. 
  • The entire algae plant is used at low temperature and milled into powder to form this product. The product will not lose any nutrition and it helps in absorption and digestion when used internally.

Benefits of Buying This Product

It is important to note that the utmost care must be taken while buying spirulina. Some may provide poor quality spirulina that is similar to spirulina type. Why BN Raw Spirulina is the best to use?

  • 100% raw organic

 Yes, it is Completely Pure, USDA Certified Organic, Gluten, and Soy Free, Natural and Health Friendly, Non-GMO, while being Third Party Tested. Each serving is 1.5 teaspoons and every pack has such  32 servings. 

  • Per serving has 70% protein 

BN Labs Spirulina Powder is predominant quality and contains only the best 100% unadulterated spirulina nutritive fixing we could discover. Wealthy in protein containing all the fundamental amino acids. 

  • Important for health

This Spirulina is USDA-CERTIFIED, Treated by heat just, non-lighted, 100% unadulterated, vegetarian, no added substances or additives, fillers free, non-GMO, sans gluten, no fake hues or flavors. 

  • Spirulina-The superfood

The most elevated centralization of protein of any plant, specie, or creature on a gm for every gm premise. Lifts vitality, weight reduction, pulse and sugar, cholesterol, against maturing, and balances pH. 2 servings = 7+ servings of foods grown from the ground cancer prevention agents.

What Do The Customers Say?

An Amazon customer says, “Spirulina, How I love thee, This stuff is the best, I take every morning after work out and it’s super energy booster”.

Another Amazon customer says, ” Add it to your oatmeal, Thank me later”.

Other customer reviews about the product: 
“No more acne and snoring”
“Tastes good”
“Mixes well”


Do you know there are good-spirulina and bad-spirulina? Yes, finding the right is your choice.

Note: This is a transcribe and you should not follow this as expert medical advice. You can consult a doctor for any health-related issues.