Chlorella is an alga that can be found in the freshwater. It has a substance called Chlorella Growth Factor which can be used as a nutritional supplement. Basically, chlorella cannot be confirmed as a drug and so it is not listed in the Western Medicine Pharmacopoeia. Nevertheless, there are many articles and journals to explain chlorella effects. There are even many pharmaceutical research and development companies that are extracting the chlorella components to make medicines.

It is a piece of exciting news that more than 70% of the customers found positive outcomes after the usage of chlorella. So, it is quite sure that it can be useful for everyone’s health. Being a powerful heavy metal, it is important to check the quality of chlorella before, as it may be in contact with pollutants, especially those which are grown in glass tubes.

Dosage Recommendations of Chlorella

As mentioned earlier, chlorella can be used by anyone and it’s beneficial too. Even though this is the case, every individual is unique and the rate of absorption, exceeding abilities, reactions to medicines, and level of toxins in the body differ much. The dosage presented here is for the first usage of chlorella. The dosage is about average doses and must read the information properly. You can even make adjustments and choose the right one for you which just be based on hour unique requirements. Unique requirements include fatigue, stress, season, and other differing factors.

Some individuals take chlorella for 3 months, twice a year. Others take it throughout the year. Likewise, some individuals take 2 tables a day, others take 1 tablet. Thus, the dosage depends on the needs. It is to be noted that there is no issue of chlorella overdose reported as of now. To know the right dosage, pay close attention to your bodily reactions. However, there is a recommended dosage for adults and children.

The recommended dose for children

While giving chlorella to children, it is better to give it in the powdered or crushed form. Check the child’s weight first as the doses highly depend on the weight of the person. For instance, for a child weighing 15 kg, must consume 0.75 gram of chlorella or 2.5 crushed chlorella tablets. 

The recommended dose for adults

There are experiences by the used adults and it is recommended that the dosage of chlorella in adults is 2-5 grams. You can also take 5-10 tablets to prevent illness.

Timings and method to take chlorella

If you are under any other medication, it is advisable to take chlorella one hour before that medication. It’s good to take chlorella in the morning. It’s advisable to take chlorella in 2-3 doses a day instead of all together. You can increase daily doses gradually. Chlorella can be consumed throughout the year. Also, it can be used for  3-4 months as a treatment.

Note: This article is a transcribe and should not be followed as expert medical advice. If you already have any health-related issues, consult a doctor.

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