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What Does Spirulina Taste Like


What is Spirulina? 

In scientific terms, Spirulina is a biomass of the blue-green algae called Cyanobacteria. This biomass is often consumed by animals and humans alike. It comes in three sub-species and in recent times, the demand for this super-food has increased all over the world. According to medical journals, Spirulina usage as a food source was first observed in the Aztecs and other Mesoamericans civilizations. Reportedly, Aztecs called it Tecuitlatl. Due to its high nutritious value, it is consumed by athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

What does Spirulina taste like? 

Spirulina is basically a type of algae that grows in freshwater lakes, ponds, or rivers. Commercially, this super-food is sold as powder or tablets. It comes in deep-green color and Spirulina taste is often described as “earthy and sulfuric”. Being a form of algae, the natural taste of this food source is not very pleasant and is quite similar to that of food products that are packed with chlorophyll.  It is also said that Spirulina is an acquired taste, meaning, it will get growing on a person and will taste pleasant after a few gulps. 

Fitness enthusiasts often consume this product raw but there are several ways in which this superfood can be consumed. Along with smoothies, the taste of Spirulina is hardly noticed. In beverages and food products, the real earthy, sulfuric taste of Spirulina is hardly felt. Thus, this food product is often consumed with milkshakes and smoothies. In the earlier times, it was sold as small cakes that were often consumed by soldiers as it provided the extra energy required for their day-to-day herculean tasks.

The nutritious value of this superfood 

Spirulina is widely considered as a healthy dietary supplement and a super-food due to the fact that it contains several vitamins and minerals. Spirulina contains carbohydrates and good fats. It also is a rich source of protein, Tryptophan, Cystine, Aspartic acid, Glutamic acid, Proline, and Serine.

Vitamins present in Spirulina: 

  • Vitamin B12
  • Folate
  • Riboflavin
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K. 

Minerals present in Spirulina

  • Calcium 
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorus 
  • Potassium

Here are some Spirulina recipes

  • Spirulina Chocolate: 

Spirulina chocolate bars are not only healthy but are also a delicious alternative to just plain consumption of these algae. One bar of100 grams of dark chocolate will suffice to make a Spirulina chocolate bar. Add a tablespoon of Spirulina. Stir the contents until the lumps of Spirulina are totally flattened out. 

  • Spirulina Athletic Drink: 

Take some freshly squeezed lemons and add some coconut water in the mix. Add a pinch of sea salt and some sugar to the mixture. Then slowly add a tablespoon of Spirulina to the mix and stir this mixture gently. It will work as an instant energy drink after a heavy workout session.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned content is made for informational purposes. Do not consider it as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Always talk to your physician or other qualified health professionals, and check your allergies, before consuming any product mentioned above.

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